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The best bet is to compare your bike to pix on this site and others such as www.

JC Higgins Bicycle | Collectors Weekly

I have a 24" boys example of this amongst all my bikes and stuff. This was only for a year or two, then the name "J. Higgins was dropped and huffy badged the bikes with the Sears name. I think the end of the JC Higgins badge was earlier, maybe 62? Flightliners and Spaceliners from Murray wore the Sears nameplate in the early sixties, but there had to be some overlap because there are Higgins bikes built by Murray with the exact same equipment as the Flightliner by: I just picked up a purple schwinn tandem and I'm having trouble dating it.

The serial number is pecuilar. It's seven digits and is located on the left rear drop out.

JC Higgins Bicycle

The first two digits are N4. I can't find a match on the serial number page here. Any info would be great. Anyone know what happened to oldschwinn. Too early in the morning - I hit the enter button before I got done.


I was going to suggest you check with the guys on the Schwinn forum. According to my nearly year knowledge, your Tandem was made somewhere in the early's before Schwinn changed to the double-letter serial coding in You can also click on the serial number charts on this site. I have a pair of 25" that's what the tape said with a oval branded into the rim that says "E.

But the valve hole is too narrow and I have never had the gutz to drill them out for a standard valve. I just can't get myself to cut these great rims.

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I may have to sell them since I can't do the modifications to ride them. They're numbered slightly differently than bikes made for Western Auto. Later in the mid-late 50s, they started stamping the Sears catalog on the bb, so you can often match that up to a specific year catalog page.

Rustinkerer , Feb 5, Feb 27, Messages: Reading this topic, means that my bike,which i've got yesterday as a late birthday gift.

JC Higgins serial number -- can I find manufacture date?

Could be a Murray built bike from ' Lowjack'r , Jul 31, Aug 19, Messages: I have a good one for you. Rod brake JC Higgins made by Phillips. That wrights olympic saddle helps but he does not know where to find the frame number.

1965 Sears Cruiser Bicycle finally gets a replacement tank light!

Jan 21, Messages: That bike may have a date stamp on the rear hub shell if it is a Sturmey Archer. Month and year in 2 digit code, ex: Wildcat , Oct 24, Feb 26, Messages: The stamp on a Higgins I just grabbed is M. But what about age?

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Any info would be great. Justin Brunelle , Mar 5, Wildcat , Mar 5, It's a Murray made frame, most probably mid-late 50's. They went to a cantilever frame in the 60's I think.

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  • I gave one of the cantilever style bikes to my brother, it was probably early 60's. J C Higgins was the name Sears used until 63, then they were all badged Sears after that. Your chain guard looks 50's and the chain wheel looks 50's also.